Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's TEAM FIVE ALIVE!!

this weeks lab was superhero day at St. Mary's. The students had a lot of fun as well as everyone in our class. Our game of superman tag went over pretty well. I think it would've worked better if there were more students to play but overall i think it was a good game for the theme of the day. We got to see the kids run, gallop, and hop during the game and i made sure to watch how the students differed when performing such tasks. One of the most memorable things from the day had to be when my group when outside to the playground. I made my own sort of obstacle course that went from one end of the play ground to the other only using monkey bars and rings. After a few tries at it i couldn't complete it and then one of the students decided to try it. she got up went down the playground and back without touching the floor once on her first try. it really opened my eyes and showed me that these kids are amazing and you can never under estimate there abilities.

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  1. Getting the maximum number of students involved is a very important part of being a teacher. Using something like superheroes is a great way to relate to all the students and to get their full attention.